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While Caledonia Community Schools maintains a rich tradition of academic excellence, professional educators and dedicated support staff, we must continually strive for improvement in all areas of district performance.  As an advocate for our students, staff and taxpayers, I will focus my efforts on the following key priorities:

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Beginning in 2017, I consistently promoted the recording of school board meetings AND provided guidance on how to make that happen.  Meetings are now recorded, but we can't stop there....committee meetings need to be recorded as well.  


Ensuring proper resources are available to provide a fully rounded curriculum that prepares students for life after high school - including STEM and enhanced vocational / technical opportunities for our students.

Class Sizes

Caledonia currently has 2 more students per teacher than the State average.  I would like to see smaller classroom sizes - this benefits everyone but is especially helpful for students with special needs. 

School Safety

Nothing is more important than the physical safety of students and staff.  We can enhance safety in three ways:

  1. Add 2 more Resource Officers

  2. Complete safety-related renovations approved in the last bond

  3. Equip all classrooms with rapid lock-down capabilities  


Our school district's budget is under immense strain - inflation and construction cost increases have compounded this problem.  I have the professional experience and education to guide the district's financial affairs in a prudent and responsible manner.  The students and tax-payers deserve nothing less.


Improving communication should be an ongoing goal - both externally with parents and internally amongst the staff.  Whether the information shared is good news or bad, the emphasis should be the same:  factual accuracy, clarity of intent and specific in the targeted outcome.